2.311 another day

Saturday 10/16/2021

Strange how in prospect, I welcome a day with nothing on the calendar. When it’s here, what do I do with it? In this case, I walked over to CVS planning to refresh my stock of Famotidine (aka Prilosec) of which I take one, 10mg tab each evening. (This is how I know I forgot to take my evening pills: I wake up at 1am with strong heartburn. If I remember my evening pills, including the famotidine, I do not.)

CVS wanted $36 for 90 tabs of the CVS-brand equivalent (branded Prilosec was more). That seemed excessive. A quick check on the phone, yes, they were available for less than $9 elsewhere. So I walked home.

Later in the day I was going to drive to the Walgreen’s at Midtown to get them. Then I conceived a plan to walk there, tomorrow morning.

I spent an hour masking the chrome on a 1955 Chrysler. A miniature one of course. This is the model where I am By God going to have the body perfect before I start any other part of the kit. After masking, I sprayed a coat of paint. Very pleased with how the new spray techniques are going. Later, a second coat. A third coat tomorrow. Then masking off and chrome on; then clear coat and then polish.

That was about it. At 4pm went up to 11 and made the TV there show the Stanford-WSU football. Several other residents arrived. It is not magic, people. It’s just knowing how to choose the Roku as the source.

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