2.308 exercise, meeting, tech

Tuesday 10/12/2021

Instead of going to the aerobics class, I went directly to the gym in the basement. Here I worked through each of the resistance machines. These machines supply resistance by air pressure in a cylinder. You raise or lower the pressure with buttons on the handles. So I worked out what pressure I could handle for 20 reps, on each machine. I figure in future to do more than 20 reps. Then I finished the session with 15 minutes on the Cyber Cycle.

In the time preceding the writers meeting I did a bunch of stuff. The SWBB schedule is now finalized, and I entered all the games into my calendar. Then I made a table of home games that I meant to share with CHBB, but held that up because I knew the next question would be, can we use the CH bus for transport to games. Which has never been done before; always ad-hoc car pools. So I wrote to Kim Krebs, asking what she thought of the bus, and she promptly replied that I take it up with James Alvarado, but there were problems with evenings (several games) and weekends (several other games).

I had nothing to contribute to the writers meeting, but there were a couple of good things to listen to.

After lunch I spent an hour in the auditorium and succeeded in solving a puzzle. Bert and I had not been able to figure out how to get audio out to headphones from the “MON” jack. I figured it out this time, but it isn’t what I expected. There doesn’t seem to be any way to monitor the actual mix going out to the speakers. The monitor jack has its own level and individual levels from each possible source.

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