2.307 meeting, books, tech

Monday 10/11/2021

What a busy and productive day. For starts, the Resident Association meeting was at 9am. As head of the A/V committee, I pitched for more volunteers. I thought it was a good pitch but alas, as evening comes on, I’ve received no emails from would-be volunteers. This is not good.

Then I headed out to FOPAL where I spent three hours taking care of the post-sale duties. First I counted the books in my section and was able to report that I’d sold 42 books, almost 10%. That’s pretty good. Then I went through all of the remaining books. I marked down some of them to lower prices, and sent three boxes of them to the bargain room as unsaleable. They’d been through at least 3 sale weekends at lower and lower prices, so, out with them.

Back to CH where I met with Lois about a Mac problem. She wanted to be rid of Dropbox. I thought that was easy, per the instructions on the Dropbox site. It wasn’t. They basically said, pull down the menu from the menu bar and select “quit”; then find the Dropbox app and put it in the trash. Easy, right? However, Dropbox.app couldn’t go in the trash because “some of its extensions are in use.” I had to bring up the Activity Monitor, find the process named Dropbox, and Force-quit it. Anyway we talked about her real problems, which revolve around iCloud, which I know nothing about.

Had dinner with new residents Carolyn (my next-door move-in) and Cindy, also new on this 6th floor.

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