2.299 mostly SWVB

Sunday 10/03/2021

So, Sunday. Feed the hummingbirds, water the plants, do the big puzzle. Then I got out the car and drove to California Ave where I walked the whole thing, just because. I bought a cute little cyclamen in a pot, to occupy an open floor on my multi-level plant stand. Bumped into Harriet, said hi.

Back at CH I potted the cyclament. Then the plan was to eat an early lunch, and pick up neighbor Tom in the lobby, and drive to Maples pavilion for women’s volleyball. Lennie had offered three tickets earlier in the week, free. Tom took one, I took the other two thinking Dennis might come along but he couldn’t. I tried to get anyone at the lunch table to come along but everyone was fixated on staying in and watching the Giants to see if they could clinch the NL West in the last game of the season.

So, off to Maples for the first time since 2019? Maybe there I went to a game there in the first weeks of 2020, I don’t remember. I could check, or what’s a diary for? Yes, last home game of the 2019-2020 season was on February 24th, 2020 (blog day 1.084). I came back from my trip to London and the game was a couple days later. And two weeks after that, Santa Clara County ordered a shelter in place, and there were no further basketball games at Maples in 2020 or 2021, until the upcoming season starts in a few weeks.

At Maples, bumped into who? Harriet! Hi again! Stanford dispatched Arizona in straight sets, boom boom boom see ya. Checked on the Giants who were cruising to an 11-4 win so that’s alright.

Anyway that was pretty much the day. But note: I attended a play Friday night; a play Saturday night; and a sports event on Sunday. That’s a good level of activity.

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