2.298 lazy Saturday

Saturday 10/02/2021

Took a short direct walk to the farmer’s market where I bought one of those amazing “peanut butter mound” pastries from the “other” bakery, the one that doesn’t offer hazelnut choc swirls, but does these monstrous cookies, my word that thing weighed half a pound I swear (I didn’t weigh it, should have). It occurred to me that the most amazing thing is, it’s over an inch thick, not overcooked on the outside, but cooked evenly, right through. Anyway I nibbled on that all morning and finished it around 11 and didn’t feel hungry for lunch. So my food today was that giant cookie, and then regular supper.

Much email back and forth among members of the tech squad about Bill, who I mentioned the other day. His short-term memory is increasingly bad, and one result is, he puts in a call for help with his computer, but by the time anyone responds, he’s forgotten what the problem was, and indeed forgotten placing the call. This has happened multiple times; and the conclusion was to punt the problem to Elizabeth, the house social worker, with a recommendation that Bill’s son be involved.

I spent some time writing an email to Nancy who at supper the night before, asked for science fiction recommendations for her 12-year-old grandson. She wants to buy books. I gave her some random suggestions, also suggested that she check carefully whether he actually wants printed books, or might prefer to read on Kindle on his phone or computer.

I spent some time setting up a Google Sheet to record requests for A/V assistance. And gave it a short URL, bit.ly/CHAVDOC. So, not entirely idle.

Patty had put together a dinner party including Joanne, and Stew and Cathy. Joanne talked about how she and her husband retired to Port Townsend. From that it turned out that four of the five at the table had some kind of connection to the San Juan Islands.

Which got me thinking about the years from 2000 to 2015 when every summer we went up to visit Paul and Katie on San Juan. Which made me sad.

Anyway, off at 7:15 on foot for the short walk to Lucy Stern theater for Palo Alto Player’s production of Working, a musical based on the working-people interviews of Studs Terkel. I give it a C at best. (Where Tiny Beautiful Things of last night would be a C+.) Not really a musical but a musical revue, a series of sketches with singing. A couple of them worked pretty well, carried by the verve and skill of individual performers for that number. But as a whole it had me regretting there was no intermission, because I would have left at one.

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