2.300 flu shot, fopal

Monday 10/04/2021

This is the week leading up to FOPAL’s monthly sale, and time to tidy up my shelves and take a pre-sale count. Looking at Tuesday’s calendar, it looked crowded, so I decided to do that job today, and in fact to do it without taking a walk first, as FOPAL (I tell myself) counts as exercise. So at 9am I set off in the car — and got about 5 blocks and remembered, dang it, today is the day for the in-house flu shot clinic, and the 6th floor was to be called around 9:30. Woopsie. Turned around and went back.

I was actually called about 10:30. Went down to the auditorium, got my shot, and headed out for FOPAL. Finished up my work there at 1:30. On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and bought a 6-pack of Anchor Steam. Carrying that on the long walk from my garage spot to the basement elevators, the handle of the 6-pack was cutting into my fingers. While waiting for the elevator I tried to transfer the 6-pack to my other hand, and dropped it. Straight down onto a tile floor.

Only one bottle broke, putting beer and broken glass between the doors to elevators 2 & 3. I sped up to the first floor and told Ethan on the desk. He picked up a walkie-talkie thing and called “Lulu” who turned out to be one of the housekeepers. She showed up in a minute with a pan and a mop and in about 3 minutes had the mess completely disappeared. So up to my room with my five bottles of beer.

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