2.291 memorials

Saturday 09/25/2021

During the morning I prepped to show Connie options for her reading, and then she couldn’t make it. Rescheduled for Monday; and then when I realized I had a doctor appointment, rescheduled for later on Monday.

I also worked on STIP and concluded that it wasn’t working. I had started a major renovation of what I’d done already, and toward the end of that work, I ran into a brick wall, something that just wasn’t going to work. One problem too many. I didn’t trash everything but I shut down, made the Github repository private and deleted the Leanpub book project. Done.

At 3:45 I left for a memorial for Deb Gumbly. Deb was an even more rabid SWBB fan than we were, but much more. Marian and I were never close to her, I think partly because initially, back in the 90s, we weren’t at home with the gay crowd. Not that we had anything against them, but didn’t quite know how to relate. Anyway, Deb was always friendly with us, but we didn’t know her beyond saying “hi” at basketball games. Turns out, today, listening to all the tributes from her friends, we missed out on that.

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