2.290 mostly A/V

Friday 09/24/2021

Went for the morning walk, although I took the shorter route, losing a half mile. No reason, just felt like indulging myself on a Friday.

Caught up with an ongoing project, the “online ERF”. Someday I will describe it. When it’s finished, if ever.

In the afternoon I met with Bert in the Auditorium and we worked for an hour trying to get audio out of the system into a computer or a camera. Without success. At length we proved to our satisfaction that although the audio system has phone jacks labeled, “CTL ROOM L/R”, “PHONES”, “AUX MON1” and “AUX MON2”, none, zero of these jacks has any audio coming out of them. You might think at least one of these would carry the mixed audio that is going to the house speakers, but nunh-unh.

Repeated emails between me and Stew about Connie’s upcoming poetry reading. Stew is the event coordinator for this, and he wants some kind of Zoom simulcast because he thinks there will be more than 50 people, the current Covid-limit on auditorium seating, who want to attend in some fashion.

Connie is one of my favorite people and I want to help make her reading a success, but this whole simulcast thing while obvious in principle, is just very difficult.

The least of the reasons is because we can’t figure out how to get stinkin’ audio out of the system into a computer — which means that the audio track of a Zoom session will not be same as what’s coming out of her lapel mic. It will be whatever the mic in the laptop that is hosting the Zoom session, can pick up, there in the auditorium. Which means a blend of the speaker’s voice and the sound coming over the house speakers. If that sounds like a great recipe for echo, if not for squealing feedback, hey, welcome to A/V Hell.

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