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Sunday 09/26/2021

After the usual Sunday start, I set out for a walk, thinking in terms of walking to California Avenue. However, a mile out, I had a feeling I should check my calendar. Yup, this is the day I am scheduled to visit the Anderson Collection at Stanford. So I turned around and headed back, and then shortly out by car.

I parked on The Oval and first walked across the campus to where I could get an OJ and pastry. There were lots of people, mostly families, walking around enjoying grass and sunshine — and no masks! Well, almost none. Surprising.

Then back past the car to the museum. It took me the barbarian less than an hour to walk all the works.

I was last at the Anderson on Day 1.168, May 2019. Much of the work has changed since then. Probably the collection has more things than can be hung at once. I wasn’t taken with what’s there now. There were several of the kind of thing that gives contemporary art a bad name:

“Black Ripe” (1955) by Ellsworth Kelly

Back here to attend a memorial on the 11th floor at 2pm. There isn’t usually an on-site memorial when somebody dies here. Depends on the family, I suppose. In this case the lady’s husband organized the event. They had lived here together for several years (and her mother was a former resident for 20 years before they moved in). As usual you learn a lot about a person from people reminiscing about them.

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