2.289 Shustek

Thursday 09/23/2021

Joined the aerobics class — ha. I was the aerobics class, none of my usual classmates showed up. After which I tidied the apartment and filled the hummer feeders

I hadn’t had the usual email from Gretta saying which venue the various CHM volunteers should go to for the usual Thursday stint, and was debating whether to go at all. But decided to go to Shustek and see. Then as I was walking to the garage at 9:30 I received a group text saying which place: same as last week, so, Shustek.

Spent the day there photographing things. Cataloging has three big parts. One, creating the catalog record, itself a multi-step process involving a complicated form. Two, photographing. Three, transport from the catalog workspace at Shustek, to the Yosemite warehouse and storing.

The catalog crews had gotten well ahead, so today I and Sherman formed a photo assembly line and got probably 50 items done. The photos have to be taken a certain way and then the image files renamed to have the object’s catalog number in them. For lunch we all went to a new sandwich shop, Crusts, where the sandwiches all cost the same, $11, and all are made with sourdough bread made on the premises.

That’s all the news. For tomorrow I have made myself a short but beefy to-do list.

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