2.288 housekeeping, tech

Wednesday 09/22/2021

Went for The Walk. Pretty much all the hip/back pane is gone. That’s nice.

Did some housekeeping. I have a wastebasket for non-recyclable stuff, and a flat basket for newspaper, a taller basket for bottles and cans, and then various bit like receipts and shipping cartons and six-pack carriers pile up. How can one person, living alone, no cooking, taking almost all meals out of the room, produce so much crapola? Got that all gone, then sorted the laundry and started it. And refreshed the hummingbird feeders. And mixed up breakfast shakes for the next week.

Lunch with Kent and Jean and Bob. This was at Kent’s invite from earlier in the week, I don’t even know what he was celebrating. But he wanted to reminisce about the Sacramento Jazz Festival, which apparently he was attending after he graduated from Stanford in 1960. I graduated from high school in 1960, but I didn’t bring that up.

Anyway, finished up the laundry and then went and spent an hour in the auditorium trying to understand/debug some of the systems. Had a minor success in figuring out why part of the console was getting no power. Well, didn’t actually figure it out, just turned switches at random and the power came back.

I have a sock missing. Hopefully it will turn up stuck by static cling inside one of my shirts. I know I checked the inside of washer and dryer both.

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