2.287 many books

Tuesday 09/21/2021

For the first time in weeks, the Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am aerobics is back on the 11th floor. And for the first time in a couple of weeks, I didn’t have any significant back pain. So I went up for the aerobics.

I spent an hour researching blog sites. This made me very disappointed. There are several sites that purport to let you build a “free blog” (wix, medium, wordpress where this is hosted). But they put so much crap on the free page, it is really hard to see how to make a simple, technical blog, with a few diagrams but a lot of text and code. OK, I managed to tame wordpress to make this blog look old-fashioned enough to suit me. But the wordpress editor is just abominable. It works well enough for what I do here, but for serious editing… yechhh. And the others weren’t any better.

At 12 I took a sandwich from the grab-n-go service and went to FOPAL. Here I met with a total of twelve boxes of books for the computer section. It took four hours to process them all.

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