2.286 tech stuff

Monday 09/20/2021

After my walk I should have gone to the meeting of the event planning committee at 10. It was in my calendar and I was aware of it, but the time just went flitting by and I didn’t go. Another memory lapse.

Lennie intercepted me at lunch. She had been at the meeting and knew there were questions about A/V support issues that I could have answered. Mostly about the question of showing movies in the auditorium. We were joined at the table by John who was also interested in that along with his wife Francis. I was explaining about what could be done, and finally said, let’s go in the auditorium and experiment.

So Lennie went to get DVD player and John went to get a DVD, and I went to get a cable, and we met in the auditorium and had a very productive hour trying out different things. It turns out that the Blu-Ray player in the equipment rack, is also internet connected and has apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime. So I went back to my room and wrote up a brief account for the various event managers, and an email to the A/V committee.

About 4 I got an email from the tech squad, could I take a call from Lynn. She had a weird problem with Safari, where when she went to some websites, the page would be replaced with a big plain block of text, losing all its buttons and interactive features.

I had not seen anything like that. I went up to her apartment and she showed me. Yup, it did that. Firefox did not. I figured it had to be some kind of accessibility aid. So I searched the Safari preferences and there was something called “Reader” which was on. So I turned it off and that was that.

Lynn was very impressed with how fast I figured out the problem. My reputation as a Mac Genius continues to grow ;-p

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