2.275 shustek, soccer

Thursday 09/09/2021

No exercise out of laziness. Due to increased Covid restrictions, the aerobics class, along with other classes that had been done in person on the 11th floor, has been made Zoom-only, and I didn’t feel like zooming in.

Off at 9am to the East Bay, Fremont, the Shustek center. Spent the day cataloging along with Steve Madsen. We cataloged a holographic projector made at IBM Research around 1950, and about 6 big circuit boards which were were part of a massive donation from someone who worked at Quantel, a UK maker of digital products for the broadcast industry.

Back home by 4, took a nap and made a sandwich, then rolled out the door at 6:30 to attend a soccer match. Harriet, basketball buddy, had gotten two seats from another basketball fan, for the Stanford Women v. USF Dons, and invited me to come along.

I know it’s sexist but USF Dons just doesn’t sound right for a women’s team. A Don is a Spanish nobleman, right? So they should be the Doñas, right? Or maybe the Donnas?

Anyway, the sky was unusual. Sometime around 5, clouds started coming in. This looks like the build-up to the forecast of possible thunder-showers tonight. It made an unusual sunset.

I have not watched much soccer and have not found it very interesting when I did. This game didn’t change that. It must be the most frustrating game ever, to play. It appears nothing ever works the way the player wants it to. Thwarted at every step.

The Doñas had a good defense, and although the ball was in their end of the field a lot more of the time than it was near Stanford’s goal, nobody scored in the first half, or until about the 70th minute. Then the ball bounced off the top bar, down onto the Doñas goalie’s hands, back up to the bar, and into the goal. That’s how the game ended, Stanford 1, USF nil.

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