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Friday 10/09/2021

Went for the standard walk. My back tenderness is improving.

At 10am I met with Mary Ann to see why she couldn’t make her DVD player work with her new TV. I actually couldn’t answer the question. It seems that the DVD player itself is broken somehow. Fortunately she says her son asked her why she even had one, saying he never uses his. So she is going to have her son bring his unused DVD player and plug it in.

At 2pm I met with Joanne on the 11th floor. She wants to show Verdi’s “Requiem Mass” when broadcast by KQED tomorrow evening, on the big TV on 11, to a small audience. But she had to know how to turn it on, and to turn on the sound system. All of which is (IMHO) overly complicated. But I didn’t set the system up. Bert did, and wrote the instruction sheet. So we went through the instructions and she did it a couple of times, so should be good to go tomorrow.

Some months back, I loaned my Apple Superdrive — very small USB powered DVD player — to Bill B. Now I want it back so I can try playing a movie in the auditorium. Bill is a charming and likeable guy but he is also suffering from severe loss of memory. He cheerfully agreed that he probably did borrow the drive from me, but doesn’t remember doing so nor where it might be now. But he was happy to help me search. I found the drive where it should be, plugged in to the back of his iMac. I know it was in its fitted box when I gave it to him. We had a good look around for the box but couldn’t find it. He felt bad about that and I spent some time saying, no problem, and trying to ease his chagrin. Fortunately, as he said to me, “It’ll be gone by supper time.”

When I got back to my room I wanted to test the drive. Looking in my basket of DVDs (which I have not touched since I moved in) I grabbed the boxed set of the complete Firefly series and stuck the first disk in. Gosh, but that was a good show. I think I may just watch that.

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