2.274 walk, laundry, meetings

Wednesday 09/08/2021

Went for the standard walk this morning, the one I cut short yesterday, and finished it. The difference? This time I pre-medicated with two Ibuprofen. I imagine that’s what did it; anyway the hip pain wasn’t an issue.

I started my laundry at 10am, and finished it after lunch. Then time for a nap and off to the Resident Association Executive Committee meeting. One thing discussed was that there is a list of over 25 new residents either just moved in or booked to be moving in to CH in coming months. Each move also entails, typically, remodelling a unit to suit the incomer’s tastes. But people are feeling confused and upset. There is a lot to be known about CH, and the documents we give new residents are sadly out of date. Discussion of how to better and faster orient new residents.

At 4pm I met with neighbor Margaret about a problem she has with mail. She sends mail to the Channing House Writers address, which is a Google Group. It never shows up. Other email is working fine. I was as baffled as she. I had her leave the Group and had the moderator (Jerry) reinstate her. It made no difference.

At 5:45 I joined a group of 5 others for dinner as planned.

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