2.273 writers, fopal, relatives

Tuesday 09/07/2021

I went out for a walk this morning, and my hip started hurting half a mile in, so I cut it short. This is not good.

Writers group at 11; I had not written. Then down to FOPAL for final prep of my section before the sale this weekend. Second regular open sale after Covid. I had disposed of a bunch of books that hadn’t sold since last year, so hopefully I will have a little more action this time.

I bought a few groceries and came back to CH for a nap. Then at 4, drove down to Jean’s in Mountain View, where at 5 Marc Lacrampe arrived. He’s on a bit of a drive, from Seattle to visit one son in Portland at Reed College. Then to Jean’s, and tomorrow he goes on to pick up another son and camp 3 nights in Tuolumne meadows. We went over all our shared news at length and ate pizza with a nice fruit salad Jean had prepared.

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