2.272 A/V

Monday 09/06/2021

Today is the day for the first event in the auditorium since February 2020. And as chair of the AV committee, I took it on myself to make sure the stage was set up and the audio was working.

The event was the “first monday book talk” when on the first monday of the month, they get in somebody to talk about a book. Hopefully an author. The author was me, back in 2019 shortly after I moved in. But today it was Darwin Patnode, who was to speak on the works of Stephen Crane, notably Red Badge of Courage, which as Mr. Patnode summarized it, sounds like a very unpleasant read. Although apparently it is assigned by high school lit teachers often.

Anyway, Mr. Patnode likes to have a lectern and a whiteboard. No need for the screen, projector, HDMI hookup to show PowerPoint slides.

Every event has an organizer, and the event organizer committee is one of the biggest and most active. Normally it would be up to the event organizer to find a white board and position the lectern. This event is organized by George who is getting a bit, um, doddery? So I took that on. The event was to be at 11am, and at 8:30 am I commenced my search for the big whiteboard on rolling casters. About 10 I was getting more than a bit antsy but finally a member of our depleted staff (labor day!) found it in Angela’s office.

So the event came off just fine. Here is a panorama taken from my post back of the AV console.

The seating has been arranged for a maximum audience of 50, and everybody has to be masked. Oh, I think the speaker took off his mask? I don’t have a picture to prove it.

In the afternoon I worked on the Chrysler, removing the frisket covering all the chrome trim areas. I am so crap at this. After scratching the my spray paint job twice I was near to chucking the whole thing. But I will carry on and see if I can rescue it.

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