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Tuesday 08/17/2021

Did the aerobics class. Then about 20 to 10 I walked out and 4 blocks north to my dentist’s office, precisely on time for a tooth cleaning. “Mr. Cortesi, have you taken your pre-meds?”

Oh crap. I’m supposed to take 4 caps of Amoxicillin, an hour before any dental procedure. It’s serious business, because my artificial aortic valve is vulnerable to infection, and dental scraping can introduce bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream. I know this; and I’ve been taking the pre-med before semi-annual cleanings for what, literally the last 20 years. But not this time.

They very nicely rescheduled me for Thursday. Fortunately this week there is no Thursday volunteer day for CHM, so I’m free for it.

This is really a week off; Connie is away so no writers group today either.

I added a new section to STIP. I worked on the Chrysler. I finished (I thought) detailing the dashboard complete with little decals for the instruments and clock. I took a picture

Looking at it with the sharp eye of my iPhone (with a close-up lens) I can see so many flaws. Yeah, sure, the whole thing is about 2.5 inches wide, yeah sure it will be inside the model, only visible if you put your eye up to a side window. Just the same, that’s crap, that is.

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