2.251 tech, fopal, credit freeze

Monday 08/16/2021

In my email at 7am I found a tech squad dispatch. Gigi has a problem with email, and wants help right away. After I shower and dress I call; is this too early? No, come right up.

Gigi gets her email using Gmail in the browser (Safari). Sometimes when she clicks on a message title in her inbox, the message opens in what to me is a very familiar format, because I too use Gmail in the browser and have for more than a decade. But sometimes when she clicks on a title, it opens a modal dialog that I have never seen before, a white text window with no controls, no way to reply or delete or print, and no clear way to exit.

I can’t explain it. However I found that if you just click outside the text area, the damn dialog goes away and you are back to the normal inbox display. So that’s her work-around, just click the thing away and try again. Likely the next time you click on message it will open normally.

So then I could take my walk. After lunch I drove down to FOPAL and took my post-sale inventory count. Sadly it appears that my section only sold 16 books over the sale weekend. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to get rid of a lot of non-selling books.

In the evening I got word that T-Mobile has had a major data breach, with stolen data including everything needed for identity theft: addresses, SSNs, phone numbers. I spent an hour going around the three credit agencies ensuring that my credit records are frozen. I knew I had done that, but couldn’t find any paper record of it, or the passwords etc I would have used to set up accounts on Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Could have swore I had info on that in the fireproof box? I got the first two squared away before supper. TransUnion appears to be down.

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