2.253 fopal, ikea

Wednesday 08/18/2021

I started my morning walk early-ish and was back by 9:30. Then I went down to FOPAL, figuring there should be some books waiting for me. There were, but not many.

From there I went to IKEA. Over the weekend, there had been an IKEA desk chair up for sale. There are often sales of furniture left by departed residents. This desk chair didn’t suit me, but it inspired me to look at the IKEA online site, and there were some simpler chairs, basically cups on a stalk, that might substitute for the stool I use at my desk. So I found the office chair section and checked them all out and they were not to my taste. So that was a wasted trip.

In the afternoon I added more to STIP. I’m doing good work there but nobody will ever see it, probably.

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