2.247 shustek

Thursday, 08/12/2021

Did the aerobics class, and headed out for a day at Shustek. I was the only volunteer in the morning so I cataloged alone, cataloging an Optacon, basically a tiny scanner that converted black and white text to fingertip pressure from an array of little needles. This was one of the first ever made, owned by a chap who was was head of a national association for the blind. I tried to make it work but although it would power on and the scanner wand would light up, the finger-sized array of needles didn’t work.

In the afternoon I was joined by other-Dave, Bennett, and we cataloged, at last, the final remaining cryotrons. That took months to get done.

Back home, I had a bad reaction to the dining room. Having been sociable and eating with groups for several nights I thought I would sit alone, and in fact one of the few two-tops was available, but I got to the table, looked at the menu without sitting down, and just didn’t want what was on offer. Nothing bad, General Tso’s Chicken if I recall; but I just had a wave of… boredom? irritation?… and walked. I’m apparently not liking our revised dining experience. Had a beer and a cheese sandwich in my room and enjoyed solitude.

Woke up at 2am with a slight headache. Took a tyolenol and remembered I had not blogged today, so am doing that, in the dark. So if there are typols, that’s why. Going back to bed now.

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