2.248 AV, hobby

Friday 08/13/2021

Went for a walk in the morning. At 10, met with Bert in the auditorium to play with the new AV equipment. Learned a few things, identified a few problems.

Later, turned to the Chrysler model. There are four pieces to the interior, two side walls, front seat, back seat. All to be painted ivory. I ordered an ivory acrylic and it came the other day. I had painted some onto the pieces with a brush, but the paint was quite thick and it went on with a bad texture. So today I cleaned it all off the four pieces, and resolved to spray it instead.

I thinned the paint down to the right consistency for the air brush and then went to get my spray booth off the back porch where it had been sitting for a couple of months or so. Something was wrong with it, it tried to collapse as I picked it up. Well, it was originally designed to fold up into a suitcase size…

But when I set it down in the bathroom where I like to do my air-brushing it was clear something more was wrong. The plastic floor plate was loose. On inspection, it was broken, several cracks and a broken piece at one corner. Hinges broken free from the metal back.

All I can figure is, at some point, it had fallen from the chair where I had left it, and smashed that corner into the hard patio floor. And then it had been put back on the chair. Only three people could have done that, one being me, and I didn’t do it. I do not plan to take this up with Wanda or the temp housekeeper who did the room once lately. Because what’s the point?

I set to work fixing it. First I used my bottle of thick cyanoacrylate glue to fix the cracks and the broken piece. But there was no way to glue the broken plastic hinges, so this base plate could not be attached to the main box. OK, how about… Duct Tape! I went to the resident workshop and dug around and sure enough there was a roll of duct tape. I used strips inside and outside to reattach the base plate, and to secure a couple of other seams that wanted to fall apart. Fixed! It will never fold up to a suitcase again, but that isn’t a problem.

Then I sprayed the interior pieces with a coat of ivory.

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