2.246 coffee, laundry, model

Wednesday 08/11/2021

Went for the standard walk for the first time in a while. Then was happily killing time when at 10 I got a text from Harriet, saying where she and Stephen were sitting at Cafe Borrone. Oh! I had had a feeling I should be checking my calendar! I’m meeting Harriet and Stephen to talk SWBB at 10. Fortunately Cafe Borrone is not very far. I texted back, running a little late, be there in ten minutes, and I almost was there in ten minutes. Maybe 14.

We chatted and talked about the upcoming season for most of an hour. Back when it looked like the pandemic was winding down, I had been fairly confidently thinking about going to away games, starting with the traditional Thanksgiving weekend tournament, which this year is to be in the Bahamas.

Travel is looking a bit more iffy now. Besides the Bahamas, the pre-season includes a trip to North Carolina and to Tennessee. Those are long flights. (The Bahamas would probably route through Atlanta.) Will that look feasible, and attractive, to do in November?

In the afternoon I did the laundry, paid some bills, and then started painting the interior of the Chrysler.

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