2.243 VCF II

Sunday 08/08/2021

Got up, read the paper, watered the plants, did the crossword puzzle, and it was time to leave for VCF. Spent the day sitting behind our table. In the two days we got rid of about 3 boxes of books (based on how many boxes we took back at the end) and made around $500 for the library.

Went to Wahlburger’s for a solitary supper. This because, since I spent a weekend in a “gathering”, I might have contracted the Covid. Tomorrow at 1pm I am scheduled for a rapid test. In the meantime I want to minimize contact with other residents here.

I don’t think I caught that or anything else. Everyone was being very good about masking, I think I only saw one adult with a mask mis-placed under their nose.

Now home and headed for an early bedtime. Closing ceremony? Bah humbug.

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