2.242 VCF

Saturday 08/07/2021

Departed at 7:30 to drive to the Computer History Museum for the Vintage Computer Fest. Yesterday we just dropped off the 8 boxes of books. Now, from 8am to 9am I arranged them attractively on our two large vendor tables. We are in a prime location, anyone who walks between the exhibit area to the consignment area has to pass us. And many took time to look at the books.

We sold quite a few, I didn’t count but it was more than half of what we had brought. It was a long day with lots of boring spots in it. Got a lot of reading done on my phone. Here’s a picture of our setup.

Frank McConnel mans the sales table

I got time during the day to look at the exhibits. The most interesting one, well, the one that has the most sales value, would be this one.

Apple I, serial 1

That is the first made Apple I, serial #1, personally gifted by Steve Wozniak to the woman standing behind it. Her name is Liza Loop. She claims we have met. Possibly, around 1977 or so, when I helped organize a display of microcomputer systems at the Menlo Park Library. Anyway, given that Apple I’s have auctioned at $500K, what do you suppose serial #1 is worth?

She also owns the serial #1 Apple II. She and Steve Wozniak were close.

Anyway I’m going to bed early because I have to do it again tomorrow.

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