2.244 Fopal, chill

Monday 08/09/2021

First thing, I went down to FOPAL to tidy up from the weekend sale and prepare for the next.

I transferred the cash box, the iPad and the card reader back to Susan and we did the numbers. Sales from our vendor table at the VCF had brought in just under $600, $400 in cash and the rest in credit card sales. Not a huge result. In fact I had the passing thought that it was just about enough money to pay me and the other volunteers minimum wage for our time over the two days. Still, I think it would be worth doing again next year.

Then I spent 2 hours tidying my section and counting the books. Each section manager is supposed to report the count of books on their shelves before the coming sale. This coming weekend they have their first public sale since the pandemic started. My count was 572 books.

That was pretty much the day; the rest of the day I spent adding a chapter to STIP and generally futzing around on the internet.

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