2.239 many meetings

Tuesday 08/03/2021

For the first time in over a year I ate breakfast in the dining room. Ordered two pancakes which were good but rather tough. I was planning to go to aerobics at 8:30, but on my way up in the elevator at 8 I was joined by Marcia, who reminded me of the Strategic Planning committee at 9. Since aerobics ends at 9, I would be late, so I skipped aerobics. I took the time to concoct something for the writers group. And therefore was late to the meeting anyway.

I am not happy with the SP committee. I need to talk to Marcia who chairs it to better understand what is going on.

That was over at 10, and immediately Bert called, saying, let’s go check out the Green Room back of the stage. Turns out the Green Room, which I’d never been in, used to be a place for artists to prepare, and for us to store microphone stands and other stuff for various events, including a two-drawer file for the Events Committee, which I don’t think Pam, the current Events Committee chair, even knew about.

However in the past year the room had been taken over in part by housekeeping for storing their stuff, so we sorted all that out along one wall. Bert will request Housekeeping to move it.

That brought it to time for the writers group at 11. Following that I grabbed a sandwich from the grab and go refrigerator, and went to FOPAL. The sandwich was terrible and I didn’t finish it. But I cleared up my section, bought a pound of coffee at Peets, and headed back.

At supper time I was displeased with the menu and the dining room service, couldn’t find anyone to sit with, and in a snit went down to my car and drove to Armadillo Willie’s for a pulled pork plate.

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