2.240 lunch

Wednesday 08/04/2021

Went for my standard walk which felt fine. Worked on STIP for a bit. Went out to meet Scott for lunch at Gombei, a restaurant I haven’t been in for more than two years. Maybe since 2018, with Marian? They still make a nice bowl of Udon noodles. There were only two other parties in the place at 1pm. Good seeing Scott.

There wasn’t much else to the day. I completed an experiment with paint color for the Chrysler model. I had some Testors Transparent Red and I wanted to know how transparent was it, and how it would look when painted over a gray primer, or a gold undercoat, or a silver undercoat. Turns out it looks really good over gray primer.

Patty invited me and Marcia and Kent to supper which was pleasant.

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