2.232 blowing it

Tuesday 07/27/2021

Today I did a disturbing thing, somewhat reminiscent of an event back in 2019 that upset me.

In 2019 I had booked a ticket for the SF Boogie Woogie festival, a Sunday afternoon and evening event at the SF Jazz center. Then I completely forgot about it and spent that Sunday afternoon instead in a sight-seeing drive. Only after getting home and much too late did I remember the concert.

Something similar, this morning. My usual Tuesday schedule is the aerobics class, than pass time in my room before the writers group meeting at 10:30. Leave the writers at 12 if they haven’t finished by then, grab a sandwich to go, and drive to FOPAL to attend to my section, returning around 4.

My usual Thursday schedule is aerobics, shower, dress, and immediatelyget the car and head out to either Shustek or Yosemite to do Computer History work all day.

I was aware, yesterday evening, that this was Tuesday and reviewed then what I meant to do. However, this morning, after the aerobics, I somehow switched tracks to Thursday, sort of. I showered, dressed, and headed out at 9:15 to FOPAL, where I signed in at 9:40, and did the usual routine work. Processed 5 boxes of computer books, got my section all tidy, and only then realized: wait a sec, I’m done by noon when I usually only get here at 1pm. Wait, why did I do this before lunch?

And realized that I had short-circuited my usual Tuesday. Blown off the writers group, and now had a free afternoon where I usually don’t.

It would be perfectly fine if I had done that deliberately, for a reason, for example a conflicting medical appointment or something. But I didn’t. I just mixed up my plans — and didn’t realize I was mixing them up, for a couple of hours.

No big deal, no real mistakes made, appointments missed, or money wasted. But it’s upsetting that I had not a thought that I was doing something unusual or contrary to my original plan, for a couple of hours. If you take the slippery-slope outlook, this is the kind of thing that ends with one cheerfully strolling out the door having forgotten to put on pants.

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