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Wednesday 07/26/2021

For exercise, instead of my walk, I went to our gym and put in 40 minutes on the cyber cycle, which is actually fun as well as a good workout. That ensured I would have plenty of time to leave for my appointment with Dr. Tamrazi, interventional radiologist. I’m not sure, and didn’t ask, but I think this is the same guy who did a needle biopsy on Marian’s pancreas back in 2018. No matter.

We talked about how the ballooning cyst has compressed my stomach and displaced some other organs. If we drain it, it’ll fill up again, in anything from a few weeks to a few months. But it might not fill back to its current size. To my surprise he is concerned, but not worried about my being on the anti-clotting med Plavix. He sees a simple approach, with a very fine needle and catheter, and doesn’t think there be any bleeding problems.

Bottom line, the procedure is scheduled for this coming Monday morning. He will use a local anesthetic so I don’t need to be NPO, and can drive myself home. This is all very convenient because at the end of next week I am due for another CT scan, as part of my one-year (not quite but nearly) follow-up on the aortic dissection. That will show the state of the renal cyst four days after draining it.

So, back home by noon, in good time to do my laundry. Busy busy (not).

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