2.231 whatever

Monday 07/26/2021

Went for a walk. Commented on Bert’s proposal for the big A/V upgrade to the auditorium. He immediately called me; I had read the wrong document. So I read the right document and then went up to his apartment to talk about it.

Worked a bit on the Chrysler. Trying to do it right, painting the parts and letting them completely harden before gluing them on.

silver and gloss black, flat black on the “belts”.

Then I did some photoshopping. Over at Yosemite for months there has been this very large sepia print of a man reading a book. When I was there Thursday I took a careful shot of it with the phone. Today I replaced the book with an iPhone.

Note the reflection of his face on the screen.

Sent it to Aurora at CHM who replied it had made her day.

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