2.230 walk, hobbies

Sunday 07/25/2021

I watered the plants, then did the Sunday puzzle in very good time. Then my plan was to attend a classic car show in Los Altos. But I had suggested that to Dennis, who checked the website more carefully than I had. He called back to say, hey, it says here, residents only, reserve in advance. Bummer! So that was out.

Somebody in the dining room had been talking about local farmers markets, and mentioned that the Menlo Park one was, they thought, better than the California Avenue one. Well, let’s go see. So I walked the 2+ miles to Menlo Park and checked it out. It is not, in my opinion, better, in fact missing several amenities like a flower seller, or snack food. Or places to sit.

After I took a Lyft back (I could have walked back, and probably should have) and spent some time working on my hobbies. The 56 Chrysler is impressing me. The engine has details such as a transmission dip-stick tube. Just crazy amounts of detail. After I get it assembled, and little decals on it, it will be worth being a stand-alone model. It would be a shame to put it into the chassis where it can’t be seen.

Felt dubious about going down to supper, planned to sit by myself and read, but fell in with the Allens and Lennie and had a very pleasant meal and chat.

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