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Saturday 07/24/2021

I went out first thing to deposit a benefits check and pick up my usual Saturday goodie.

Then worked on STIP and other fun stuff until after lunch.

At 2pm I had a productive meeting with Mary and Lenny over the renaming and rewriting of the ERF. The Event Reservation Form was previously how somebody planning an event, would reserve a space and request help from Facilities, Housekeeping, Dining Services or, most important to me, the Audio Visual committee, of which I am now chair.

Except it isn’t actually used to “reserve” a space, that has to be done by staff. So the least thing on the agenda was to rename it to the EPF, event planning form. My suggestion, adopted.

The other thing was that I had done a rewrite job on the instructions for filling out the form, and Mary who is a good editor, had done a rewrite of my rewrite. (Da Noive! Actually she had improved it.) And Lennie is in charge of creating the “online ERF”, a web-based version of the form. It was a good meeting, we agreed on a lot.

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