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Saturday 07/17/2021

In the morning I headed out for a little retail therapy. First to Stanford Shopping Center, the Levi’s store, where I wanted to verify what I thought was probably true, that a Levi’s 511 jean, waist 34, would fit my somewhat reduced body. Certainly the 511/36-30 pair that I have are too big, but are they 2 inches too big?

I was very pleased to find that a 511/34-30 fits me exactly, like it was tailored. I bought one pair but I mean to buy a few more in different colors.

From there I drove across the bay to a hobby store in San Leandro. I had found it indirectly, when I was trying to locate US distributors for a particular line of Japanese car models. Hobbies Unlimited is in a tacky run-down mall just off the freeway. They have quite a large selection of model railroad stuff, and of aircraft models and military vehicle models. Not so many car models and a very weak selection of paints. But there was one model bought, to add to the pile of models in my closet: a highly-detailed model of an original 1960s-era VW beetle.

Back home for lunch and then, the CH Events Committee ran the movie Nomadland on Zoom. What a downer. Well, it had a kind of upbeat resolution at the end. Frances McDormond deserved her Oscar for this but my my. My book got criticized for being too slow, nothing happening? This was Best Picture of last year and my goodness does it unwind slowly.

At 6:30 I headed out to get a Lyft up to San Mateo to attend a house concert, for the first time since probably 2019? The Quitters, I shot a little video which if I get around to it I will post tomorrow. It’s past 11pm and I need to go to bed. I took a Lyft because I didn’t want to deal with parking or driving home in the dark. But goodness is it pricey. $30 going up, $40 coming back.

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