2.223 hobbies

Sunday 07/18/2021

Went for a small walk in the morning. Really had good intentions to do the cyber cycle later, but never did.

Worked on the Chrysler model for an hour. Worked on STIP for maybe 2 hours, which is the most I can spend being intellectual and concentrating, although I love it. Also got online and bought two pair of 511/34-30 jeans in different colors, for half what Levis.com would like to charge.

Had a nice dinner with Jerry and Betty and Margaret.

Oh, and I processed the video I shot last night and uploaded it to YouTube. I made it Unlisted as I am not sure about the copyright status; but here you go. Enjoy a couple of numbers. Also admire my video technique with the iphone.

Stevie’s remark at the start, about “Watching Glenn’s fingerpicking is a freakout”? He is referring to the fact that Houston is left-handed, and plays a standard guitar “upside down”. He just flips it left to right with the result that the fatter bass strings are on the bottom and the higher, thin strings are on top, upside down to what every other player sees. Can’t quarrel with the results, though.

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