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Friday 07/16/2021

Went for the standard walk. I thought about doing the cyber cycle instead, I really want to do more of that, but didn’t.

At 11 I met with the other 3 members of the long-form critiquing circle. Not very productive. Well, I was able to give some constructive thoughts to Pru and some minor edits to Peter. I don’t thing this group is going to last.

At 3pm I drove to PAMF (well, I had done a good walk in the morning). This was to meet with Dr. Lee, a urologist, to talk about my kidney cyst. Which when viewed in the CT images, is really awesomely large, like a balloon taking up quite a bit of space in my thorax, pushing my stomach and bowels around. 15cm on the long axis.

His advice, “What I would tell you if you were my brother”, is to let it be. But if it really bothers you, having it drained is a simple and pretty safe procedure. He showed me on the CT, just stick a needle in here in your back, no problem. It might refill in a few months. A much more serious option, which we would not do until you are off the Plavix, is to go in through the front, and cut the wall of the cyst away entirely.

I lean strongly toward having it drained. I just want to find out which of my current mild and variable symptoms would change. So I will be consulting an “interventional radiologist”.

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