2.220 shustek, meeting

Thursday 07/15/2021

Did the aerobics. Then immediately showered, dressed, and headed out for the east bay. At Shustek I spent my time cataloging donations. I cataloged two modules from UNIVAC-1, then jumped forward 70 years and cataloged a set of Spectacles from 2018. Finally I started on a little cardboard box that contains somebody’s collection of unusual chips. This was one of those donations where you couldn’t just catalog a whole collection as one object; each chip, or pair of them, in the collection was unique. I got through maybe 3 of them and it was 3pm and time to go.

I left early because I had to attend the CH board meeting at 4pm. The Strategic Planning Committee of which I am a member, was presenting its revised Mission Statement. This is pretty much all the work of a paid consultant, and I’m not happy about it. I feel like we committee members were pretty much asked to rubber-stamp what the consultant had done. Meaningful input from us, or at least from me, was not there. So the meeting was not very interesting. I never unmuted myself.

Somehow, writing about everything I did yesterday, I didn’t mention doing the laundry. Well, I did, in between everything else.

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