2.213 Yosemite

Thursday 07/08/2021

I was the morning cardio class, the only person with leader AJ on the 11th floor. However there was also one person on Zoom.

This was the first time I executed the schedule I had figured out for Thursdays. Cardio from 8:30 to 9. Then down to my apartment to shower and dress, and down to the car and drive to CHM in the East Bay, either Shustek in Fremont or Yosemite in Milpitas, arriving before 10am. It makes me nervous to schedule things that tight, but of course it worked just fine, arriving in Milpitas with 15 minutes to spare.

Today we did various work related to cataloging and storing items. Too complicated to explain and too boring. On return around 3pm, I took the car for a wash. I used to take it to Lozano’s in Mountain View, but now I go to Ducky’s car wash here in Palo Alto. As much as washing the outside, I wanted to get the inside vacuumed out. Somehow it had picked up a lot of crumbs and trash, I can’t imagine how.

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