2.214 kindle vella

Friday 07/09/2021

Went for the walk; it was good.

Today I had set myself the task of completing the upload of Pelajis, in 600-1000 word chunks, complete to the Kindle Vella system. Which I did; and marked the first 20 episodes as “published”. Vella is designed as a platform for publishing serials. It isn’t clear to me if there is a benefit in holding back the remaining episodes, releasing them at intervals as if they were being created fresh, or if I should just dump the whole thing out there. Sooner or later all the episodes will have been published, either way.

Vella is supposed to go live next week. At that time the story will have a public URL and readers searching Amazon will be able to find it. Readers will be able to “favorite” stories they enjoy, and the most-favorited ones will be featured in the “Vella store”, or so Amazon tells us.

Anyway by early afternoon I had finished the clerical clicky-clicky tasks to create all the episodes and publish the first 20.

At lunch I sat with Pru and Bob. I like talking to both of them. For supper, though, I decided to walk to Whole Foods and buy a smoothie. That was a modest supper Marian and I used to get once in a while. I walked but Whole Foods didn’t respond; their smoothie counter was clearly not in operation. Walked on to the Creamery instead.

I am thinking that tomorrow I may break out a new car model…

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