2.212 work day

Wednesday 07/08/2021

Yup. Completely missed a day. Went to bed last night without a thought of doing a blog post.

What did I do on Tuesday? I know that I did the aerobics class, and attended the writers group, and went and spent a couple of hours at FOPAL digging through boxes of donated computer books looking for things that might interest the Vintage Computer Fest.

Today, Wednesday, I went for the standard walk. Then I spent some time reviewing the material for the meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC hereafter). At this point it is all about revising our Mission Statement, which is nearly as boring as it sounds. And list of values.

I also spent a couple of hours continuing to upload segments of Pelajis into Kindle Vella. At the end of the day I had uploaded 42 segments, and had reached the part of the book where I had not given it a close editing on this third, fourth, or maybe it’s the fifth pass. I plan to finish this task and have the whole thing ready to go before the end of this weekend.

Then it was time for the RA Executive Committee meeting. The only point of discussion was the hot news of the day, which had been announced by email a couple of hours prior. A staff member in the Lee Center called in sick, and as normal, Angela went to them at once and gave them a quick Covid test — and they were positive. This staff person has received both vaccine shots so it’s a “break through” case. Anyway they would have had no contact with us IL residents. The AL wing is on modified lock-down pending tests.

Which led up to 4pm and the SPC meeting which was nearly as boring as expected.

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