2.204 meeting, fopal, dinner, glasses

Tuesday 06/29/2021

Did the aerobics in person on the 11th floor. Now that Veronica is on pregnancy leave, our leader is AJ who is younger, male, and definitely pushes us (me and Eva in person, Michelle on zoom) harder. Definite sweat.

Soon it was time for the writers group. I read my little thing about 5th among the group. Went ok.

I left the writers at 12 exactly and went to FOPAL, arriving 12:30. There were 6 boxes of computer books. Eventually I sent 5 boxes to the bargain room. Of the rest, about 8 turned out to be “high value” and went to that department for sale online. Shelved the rest.

I really want to sell books at Vintage Computer Fest West in August, but so far have had no reply from the organizers. So I have a stack of 4 boxes of “VCF candidate” books — manuals for old computers, etc — that are in the way.

At 6pm I met with Mary and Andrew who had invited me to join them for dinner, and they had also asked Gloria, who I have had dinner with before recently. Nice pleasant chat.

About 8pm I was just sitting down in my easy chair when the right lens fell out of my glasses. The little screw had come out of the corner of the frame. I searched on the floor and in the chair for a while, no luck. Plan B, I know I have a glasses repair kit… or do I? Apparently not. Plan C, get a paper clip and needle nose pliers and hack up a piece of wire to hold the frame together.

Tomorrow is a busy day: Doctor appointment for annual physical in the morning, then laundry. I have to squeeze in a trip to CVS to buy a repair kit.

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