2.192 Shustek

Thursday 06/17/2021

Still not feeling 100%, and this is getting annoying. What do you do with a very low variable fever and no other symptoms except lack of energy? Wait it out, I guess.

So I blew off the morning exercise class, even though I had calculated that I could finish it, shower and dress, and be on my way across the bay to be in plenty of time at CHM’s Shustek center.

It was pleasant to meet with three other volunteers and the cheerful museum staff, and got together for lunch with another four of them. Almost everyone who has worked at Yosemite or Shustek is back.

Spent the day cataloging about half of a pile of Cryotrons, experimental superconducting switches from the estate of Dudley A. Buck. The guy was experimenting with logic switches that only worked when bathed in liquid helium. In the same building at MIT where they were building Whirlwind, a vacuum tube computer. In 1950.

Came home by 4:30pm, feeling ok but tired. Did not much in the evening.

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