2.191 town day, meeting

Wednesday 06/16/2021

The main activity today was to drive to town, see an exhibit of paintings by Carol Aust, which was the excuse to get together with Jean, cousin Darlene, and her partner Jessea.

Jean pulled in about 10:20, early as I expected she would be, and we transferred to my car. Drove to the City, to Noe Valley, around 25th and Sanchez. Google Street View can be quite deceptive. I had “walked” around the area last week in street view and never picked up on the fact that the streets are all steeply sloped every which way. It also didn’t warn me that this very intersection where we were to meet for lunch, was being made over by SF street crews. New sidewalks. Still, I managed to find a parking space and we all managed to meet up on time and have a nice lunch.

Me, Jessea, Jean
Jessea, Jean, Darlene

Darlene is a cousin of Jean, and was the flower girl at Jean’s wedding 70-odd years ago.

Back home, at 4pm was the first meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee. I’ll write about this more another time. Odd meeting.

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