2.193 cyber cycle, last ever covid call

Friday 06/18/2021

Went for the standard walk in the morning. Deliberately sat to rest between legs C & D, although I could have not done so.

At 10am there was an introduction to the newest equipment in the fitness center, a Cyber Cycle: a recumbent bike exercise machine with a nice big touch screen, and lots of vertual routes you can ride. I look forward to trying it.

Worked on the software project for a couple of hours.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s weekly open meeting. 89% of staff have had both vax injections and 91% have had at least one. Various restrictions are being lifted. The temperature checking station is being removed from the lobby, because vaccinated staff don’t need to be checked. Visitors still do, but that will be done at the front desk. Staff can for the first time, have lunch together. For a year they’ve been eating lunch and taking breaks alone.

Unfortunately Santa Clara County is still “very clear” Rhonda says, that facilities like ours can’t yet have guests in the public areas or the dining room.

And that, Rhonda announced, was hopefully the last ever weekly Covid meeting. We have been doing them since March 2020. From now on there will be an open meeting, but it will be monthly, 3rd Monday.

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