VIA benefits is incompetent

A couple of months ago I wrote about trying to get IBM’s benefits administrator, VIA, to directly deposit a small regular check to my bank account. I wrote about this in detail on Day 2.128. After I sent them a form with the correct account and routing numbers, they reported that the deposit failed

for the reason code R15-Beneficiary or Account Holder Deceased.

They tried to deposit money in Marian’s name and SFCU very properly rejected it. I couldn’t figure out then or now why they would do that. Yes, Marian was an IBM retiree and I was her beneficiary, but when their paper check arrives, it is made out to me; Marian’s name is not on it. Why use her name on a direct deposit?

Read the 2.128 post for what happened when I tried to talk to their customer service people. They just couldn’t understand the problem even when they read the “reason code”. The insisted I must have given them the wrong account or routing number.

At that time I just let it go. I’ll go on depositing their paper checks, I thought.

A couple of weeks later a VIA admin called me up and wanted to try again. They really want to do direct deposit. So I agreed he could send me a new paper form.

He did, and in early May I received it. Filled it out and triple-checked it. Attached a void check. Now note these facts:

  • The account/routing numbers are correct.
  • The voided check shows them also.
  • The voided check shows only my name. (I had Marian’s name taken off the account and new checks made in 2019.)
  • They were informed of Marian’s passing in early 2019, 2 and a half years ago.

Unfortunately, I did not make a copy of the form before I mailed it. Nor did I write down the date.

Well, you can guess what happened next, right? I got this email:

Yup. Same issue. This time I am not going to bother calling them. Fuck them. They are completely, hopelessly, incompetent. Plus I am tired of being reminded that my wife is deceased.

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