2.188 basketball, pics

Sunday 06/13/2021

About 7am Dennis called to say he could pick me up at 8 to attend another girls’ basketball game featuring Kaylee Mills, the 12-year-old phenom. We had done the same a week back (Day 2.180).

The game this time was at Sequoia HS in Redwood City. We got there in good time for the 8:30 tip. Most of the Mills clan showed up: Dennis’ oldest son Bill (father of Kaylee, husband of Kaylee’s teams coach Kay), Dennis’ daughter Denise and her husband, and stepsons Ted and James, plus James’ wife and grandson Josh. Good size cheering section.

As before, the girls displayed pretty good ball-handling, strong defense, lots of energy, but a low shooting percentage. But “our” team won.

The rest of the day I pretty much just slouched around in my room. Around 9pm Jean sent to me along with many other recipients, a string of emails with pictures remembering her brother Emile. Among these old snaps were of course several featuring me and Marian. Here’s one from 1996.


Seated, Octavie on her 100th birthday with her three children Marian, Emile and Jean. Standing, spouses of them.

Of this group only three survive today: Me, Jean, and… believe it or not, that shirt. Hanging in my closet now.

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