2.187 saturday

Saturday 06/12/2021

Lovely Saturday morning. I paid some bills and filled out the May details in the Nest Egg spreadsheet. Then I went for a 1-mile walk ending at the farmer’s market where I picked up my usual delicioso pastry, and some cherries.

I treat cherries similar to grapes. I buy a pound or so of either one, and want to nibble on them for a week. To keep them from getting mildew, I run a sink full of cold water and pour in a glug from the bleach bottle. I swish the fruit in the bleach water and then rinse them off and let them dry on a towel. Then they generally keep in the fridge for more than a week.

At noon it was time for Stanford baseball. I had forgotten but two people, as I walked to lunch, asked if I would put the game on the 11th floor tv. I’m not the only person here who knows how to get that tv showing the Roku, and to find ESPNU on the Roku. But I’m the only one who cares about college baseball. So I ate lunch quickly and went upstairs and did that.

I watched the game itself on my own TV. I wanted to do other things on my computer during. Stanford just dominated Texas Tech or the second game in a row. I was paying attention when Stanford loaded the bases with two out, and hit a grand slam. Fun.

For supper I didn’t feel like eating in our dining room. I went for a walk up University Ave. Lots of people around and restaurants open, but nothing that attracted me. Walking back I passed “Indian Street Food” and bought a “bowl” based on lamb. When I got the box home I found I had enough food for a small Indian village, or anyway at least three people. Basmati rice, some kind of beans and peas, lot of spicy ground lamb. Nice supper, with a can of beer.

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