2.180 action-packed day

Saturday 06/05/2021

Yesterday Dennis suggested a walk and then attendance at a girl’s basketball tournament. His son Bill’s daughters Kaitlin and Kaylee were playing. (Grand-nieces, I guess?)

So we did that, walking my usual 2.2 mile walk with a stop for coffee. Then off to Menlo College. The 12-14 year old girls play ferocious basketball, very high energy. They are pretty skilled at defense and ball-handling, but their shooting percentage is low. Anyway K & K’s team won 36-30.

After lunch I had a nap and worked some on the software project. Then it was 5pm and time for Stanford baseball. I and my pod partners went in Martha’s car this time. Stanford won fairly easily thanks to a big second inning. The game took 3 hours, so home at 9:30 and to bed.

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