2.181 drive, baseball

Sunday 06/06/2021

Thought I would walk to Mme Collete’s and get a pastry. But as I approached, just after 8am, I could see they weren’t open. Disappointed, I turned and walked back and had breakfast in the dining room for maybe the first time. Ordered pancakes, they were huge (and somewhat tough if truth be told).

Worked on the software project in the morning, and on Pelajis in the afternoon, and finally at 5 it was time to go to Stanford for baseball. If Stanford had won that would have been it, they would move on to the next round. But they not only did not win; they played a four-hour game with many long innings and pitching changes and all the things that stretch out a game. So it was after 10 when the pod car, in this case Patty’s Honda Fit, pulled in to the garage. Of us four, I think only Prudence is determined to go to the deciding game at 7pm tomorrow. I’m dubious; I think I may watch from home until the late innings, then perhaps go to see Stanford win — if they look like doing that.

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